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                                   High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell 

1. Machine introduction:
Model introduction
                              M   DJ    1 - 2.5   Beating machine
                              When handling ability 2.5 t/(tomatoes)
                              Single channel (2 for the word, 3 to 3)
                              Beating machine
                              Get rid of nuclear (without "M" for the general Hollander) Scope of
application and characteristics:
DJ beater is suitable for tomatoes after crushing, kiwi, strawberry, apple, pear, and after pre-cooking softening of haw, jujube and other fruit beating separation. MDJ type to nuclear pulper not only conforms to the applicable scope of the DJ pulper, and suitable for all kinds of stone fruit to nuclear beating separation.

1, automatic slag slurry separation.
2, can be combined on the production line and single machine production.
3, contact with the material of parts with high quality stainless steel, meet the food hygiene.
The main structure (see diagram)
1. transmission 2. spigot shaft 3. axle bed               1. transmission  2. spigot shaft 3. axle bed
4. Back cover barrel 5. Feeding blade 6. Body         4. Back cover barrel 5. Blocking pulp tray 6. Body
7. Spline shaft     8. Screen cloth 9. Beating bar       7.Spline shaft          8.Screen cloth            9.Adjustable seat
10Slag blade   11The cover of a barrel 12Rack       10Scraper       11The cover of a barrel 12Rack
Structure introduction
1,Single channel denucleation:For denucleate structure, designed to denucleate use;
2,Double channels denucleation:Structure and to the first line of the nuclear structure of single channel pulper, the name of the second structure is beating structure, beating role;
3,Double channels beater:Each structure and single channel beater.
4,Double channels denucleation beater:First channel is the same with single channels denucleation beater no increase in single channel pulper rotor structure., The second channel has the same structure with single channel beater.
5,Three channels beater:Each structure and the structure of single channel beater.
6,The specific structure:With reference to single pulper and dao to nuclear beater
working principle
1, DJ beater: motor through a belt drive, make installed on the spline scraper high-speed rotation, when after the broken fruit through the inlet into the machine, pulp tray to send the materials uniform rows to be scraper and screen mesh. Due to the effect of rotation of the scraper and the existence of the lead Angle, make the material move along the cylinder to the outlet, the moving track of spiraling, material on the scraper and the effect of the centrifugal force in the process of moving between cylindrical screen was chopped, juice and meat quality (has) pulp through into the next procedure, from the mesh (double, three pulper for linkage) repeat the above process, such as the skins and seeds from the slag discharge, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic separation. As long as the different specifications of the mesh screen and adjust the size of the scraper lead Angle, it can change different beating speed, to obtain satisfactory results.
2.Technical Parameter:

HT-DJ1-0.12Single channel beater0.12 T/h tomatoes1.51000*830*948
HT-DJ1-2.5Single channel beater2.5 T/h tomatoes4.01450*770*1523
HT-DJ1-5Single channel beater5 T/h tomatoes111900*850*1700
HT-DJ2-4.0Double channels beater4.0T/h tomatoes7.51535*1420*1
HT-DJ3-7.5Three channels beater7.5T/h tomatoes18.51935*2275*1700
HT-MDJ1-2.5Single channel denucleation beater1.5T/h mangos
2.5 T/h tomatoes
HT-MDJ-0.5Single channel denucleation beater0.5 T/h tomatoes4.41150*850*1500
HT-MDJ2-4.0Double channels denucleation beater1.8T/h mango
4 T/h tomatoes
HT-MDJ2-5.0Double channels denucleation beater3T/h mango
5 T/h tomatoes

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High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell
High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell
High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell

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High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell

High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell

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High Capacity Fruit Pulping Machine For Sell

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