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2022-07-29 23:36:40 By : Mr. Dennis Lee

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My 17-year-old went missing up at the Beehive and so many people in our community came together to help find him.

I am so grateful to Chelan County Search and Rescue, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and all the volunteers!

Regarding the newly planned Microsoft Data Center construction projects in our community:

Microsoft is not a bad company; they are a great company but they have the power to easily run over small communities ... unless your experienced at this.

Microsoft is planning on the consumption of millions and millions of gallons of fresh underground water to be used to cool their computer data centers. Their discharge waste water will be packed full of concentrated minerals and will likely cause issues with local sewage treatment plants.

Because it’s so much cheaper to cool with. Think giant swamp coolers. Microsoft should be using Columbia River water or mechanical cooling in order to save the use of water for our community.

Yes, other smaller local data centers use cooling water as well but we are talking Microsoft mega data centers.

I am bothered by the fact that our underground water is going to be used to cool a very, very wealthy company so they can make more profits.

Microsoft should be forced to use our local Columbia River water or clean electricity to cool their profit centers — not our well water.

Jobs: The community should be aware that Microsoft is a contractor company. They hire 95%-plus contractors and only a handful of actual Microsoft employees. You won’t see a big Microsoft hiring event here.

Again, welcome Microsoft, but be aware how they obtain their massive profits. We should be requesting a minimum of $100,000 per year local investment from Microsoft.

I would just like to say how refreshing it was to read the guest opinion by Mike Magnotti.

I would hope to think that the King’s Cross Church people and others who call themselves “Christians” also read it and give it its just due consideration. Thank you Mike for speaking out.

I’ll try this again, but it never seems to go anywhere. I’ve written to our state rep, asked the local postal rep, and written letters of request here in The Wenatchee World newspaper.

East Wenatchee is growing in population and we need our own East Wenatchee Post Office. Period!

One more observation, and here’s my question, “How can we get these career politicians out of office?” I know what you’re saying, “just vote them out of office.”

I think we need “term limits” on every branch: State and federal. I’m tired of the “good ol’ boys” wrapped up in their own agenda running the show! We need some new representatives that will listen to the people.

Thanks, and take care folks.

This is not to tell anyone how to vote, just some information you might consider before you do vote.

I recently saw a TV commercial from Patty Murray where she said she thought no insulin shot should cost more than $35 and wondered why now — where was she in 2016?

In October of 2016, there were articles in newspapers about her accepting $50,000 campaign money (Maria Cantwell took $15,000) from the drug companies.

When Patty Murray was asked about this she made some political doubletalk about “well, that was my campaign group and I don’t always have complete control over them.”

In November of 2016, she was re-elected; and only weeks later, she sponsored, pushed and had passed a bill to make it illegal to buy prescription drugs in Canada.

When asked why she said, “You can’t control the quality on drugs purchased out of the U.S.”

Apparently, she considers Canada a third-world country. Reality is that Canada purchases from the same companies that the U.S. and a lot of Europe buy from.

What it really did is just eliminate all competition for U.S. distributors — so they began raising their prices.

In the summers of 2017-2018, there were newspaper articles all across the U.S. about people flying to Canada to buy 6-12 months of insulin cheaper than they could buy a month’s supply from distributors at home.

I have yet to see or hear nationwide of one side effect of insulin purchased in Canada. Of course, COVID-19 put an end to that and prices have continued to rise.

All of this information is verifiable with a little research if you really care who you vote for. Articles mentioned appeared in the World and Seattle Times — and probably others statewide that I don’t read.

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Thanks to all for Beehive search

Love each other; Thanks to health care workers for a fine job;

Trump supporters can still make America great again; Vote ‘no’ on Proposition 1;  I support Proposition 1; Vote no on regional fire authority proposal; 

Why do you need high-capacity firearms?

Abortion discussion demands correct terminology

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